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Hello I'm Christophe, I've been working in data engineering for the past 8 years and I'm fond of everything that is data related since day one.

I want to give back to the community, since the beginning I learned so much by myself thanks to all the resources we can find online. Now you will be able to find here a weekly newsletter regarding data engineering.

Do not hesitate to subscribe to the newsletter, I promise no spam, only relevant content like I would love to read myself.

You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitch or YouTube (FR).

Featured Posts

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Data engineering failure — Why is it almost impossible to meet deadlines?

Why data engineers are bad at meeting deadlines? I give you all the actionable levers to fix it.

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Data News — must-read articles (mid 2021)

Data News #31 — Must-read articles that have been published over the last year. Learn more about Modern Data Stack, Data Mesh, Data Engineering/Analytics and more.

Recent Posts

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Data News — Week 2

Data News #2 — 2022 personal goals, Observable and Opendatasoft fundraising, Astropy into space, BigQuery JSON and cool stuff.

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Data News — Week 1

Data News #1 — Verb data fundraising, 2022 predictions, data to engineers ratio, using BigTable, side projects, etc.

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Data News — Week 52

Data News #52 — Just a big THANK YOU.