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Data News — Week 19

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
2 min read

This week I reviewed on Twitch all the links below do not hesitate to follow me there!

LakeFS state of Data Engineering 2021

LakeFS wrote a post describing all the tools in the data engineering fields and how they are organized. You'll find the map below. A lot of tools, now the point is how to choose between everything that is listed?

The State of Data Engineering in 2021
With so much innovation in data engineering in 2021, the co-creator of lakeFS, Einat Orr, shares how she organizes the latest tools and trends.

Germany bans Facebook data collection

I'm not an expert in data legal topics but this could change the way European countries collect data.

Germany orders Facebook to halt user’s data collection
Germany has ordered Facebook to stop collecting user’s data from Whatsapp as a regulator claimed that collection of information is not legal under the messaging-app’s new privacy policy. As per Whatsapp’s new privacy policy, Facebook (Whatsapp’s parent company) would have access to user’s data from …

Data Mesh for Product and Business teams

Data Mesh is the new Big Data, this post present how you include your data product teams in this revolution.

Data Mesh: Implications for Data Product Teams and Business Outcomes
Are you evaluating whether Data Mesh is a good fit for your organization? Then it’s worth checking out this brief write-up on how business, not IT, will accelerate data monetization. We’ll dive into…

Every week I would like to share a ML article to you understand how everything works under the hood. Here Dropbox explains how they labelled the images they have.

How image search works at Dropbox

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