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Data News — Week 22.22

Data News #22.22 — We need to talk again, how to structure dbt projects, pick colors, data observability recession? and a lot of fast news.

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
3 min read
Holidays (me)

Dear readers, I hope you're doing great. I want to welcome all new members joining this week, I hope you'll like the newsletter. You can hit reply if you want to say hi. It's holidays time for me. One week without any computer. This week will be a Data News with some shortcuts.

Enjoy the reading.

Data Fundraising 💰

Datafold announced a free tier of their tool for small data team, 800$/month if 100+ tables. Datafold includes a data diff feature to detect issue in the CI/CD and they have lineage capabilities that integrates directly with dbt.

We need to talk about "we need to talk"

There are many trends in blog post naming and right now we are in the we need to talk trend after Pedram post about dbt few weeks ago. This week Erica wants to talk about the data analyst. She defends the fact that data analyst are still important and even more important today with the rise of analytics engineers. She also details how the collaboration between the two roles can be achieved.

The post also argue that job titles are meant to show something but we should not fall in the trap of marketing behind job titles. I personally agree with everything she says. We can also put in parallel Erica post with Mikkel's: how should analysts spend their time?

As a second post Erica also posted on her personal blog her search for a meaning. Something different than data but important to have in mind.

As data practitioners, we look for meaning in numbers, strings, booleans, and charts. We spend time building scalable infrastructure to reliably deduce questions into answers.

Fast News ⚡

See you soon (credits)

Small reminder

We don't need a tech lead

Maybe some of you already heard the previous sentence. Pat Kua wrote what are the 2 scenarii behind. And if it goes the wrong way, remember, great employees don't complain - they walk away.

I'm sorry for the typos this is the first time I write the newsletter not on my own laptop #keyboardissues.

PS: I did not finish in time the Airflow Summit takeaway post. I'll do it once I'm back.

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