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Data News — Week 24.03

Data News #24.03 — ChatGPT in classes, Zuckerberg announcements, Bard and awesome news.

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
5 min read
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Hey I hope this new edition finds you well. We are deep in the winter, it's time for comfy Data News to read near the fire 🔥.

This week, on Monday, I started my annual university lecture. It's been 9 years since I started teaching and this year something was different. The students were incredibly calm, obviously my course is a bit difficult at the beginning because it touches on concepts that they are not used to—cloud, data in production, data engineering, etc. So it's normal that they don't have any questions at first. But still, even during exercices hands were still down when previous year they were asking me for debugging help.

This year something was off.

On Wednesday I finally understood what changed. It was ChatGPT. Actually the whole class was using ChatGPT—I did a raising hand survey and everyone said yes. So now, the default go to was to ask ChatGPT questions rather than ask me, and then if ChatGPT does not have the answer they might ask me.

I still don't know how to react about this. I think it does not makes sense to ban ChatGPT, like it was stupid to ban Google Search at my time. But still there is something to do, I need to research and think more about it.

I assume that education will be radically transformed. Both ways. The way students learn will be different, but the way teachers teach will have to be different. This will force us to bring something to the class that ChatGPT can't: humanity.

AI News 🤖

  • OpenAI opened an Elections Program Manager — The role is to support the "efforts around elections security and integrity for the EMEA region". We have this year the European parliament election. It deeply shows how OpenAI products are—or might be—used in order to win races. I guess they already have people for the US elections.
  • Palantir CEO: U.S. eating everyone's lunch on AI — Let's continue on politics, at the World Economic Forum in Davos Palantir CEO said that within 10 years 95% of the world top tech companies will be American. I don't see any difference with today.
  • Meta released MAGNeT — MAGNeT is a text-to-music and text-to-sound model capable of generating high-quality audio samples conditioned on text descriptions. It seems that it works well when generating sound effects.
  • Zuckerberg teased 2024 Meta AI strategy — In a selfie video on Facebook / Instagram Zucky explained that Llama 3 is coming and that Meta is building a massive 600k H100 NVidia GPU infrastructure. It just represents $27b just in raw GPUs. But luckily for us Meta will open-source everything they do because they love us so much <3. In exchange we can wear the new Ray Ban Meta glasses with AI inside to give Meta more training data. We are just seeing the world shifting and we are all ok with it.

    If you want a less salty opinion than mine Oliver as always aced it.
  • Prompt engineering with Bard — A recording from a local Google Developers meetup from last November. In this talk we discover a few concepts on how to talk to Bard. Mainly you can do it through the API or the UI and Peter explains that Bard shines in creativity, factuality and reasoning. He greatly explains the concept of grounding and why it matters.

    Just after he explains how you can "teach" Bard to reason with a reverse word example in which Bard fails. In order to do it you have to ask Bard to write and execute code in background but to activate the code execution feature "you're at the mercy of the classifier". This is our future, being at the mercy of classifiers.
  • Google News is boosting garbage AI-generated articlesThis is a paid article. The title speaks by itself.
  • Paper, Sleeper agents — A not reassuring paper. Anthropic research team proved that this is possible to insert backdoors in models and the backdoor persists despite safety and adversarial training.
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I'm writing from a library today, I feel like a student (credits)

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See you next week ❤️.

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