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Data News — Week 33 (late)

Data News #33 — Databricks, Monte Carlo and Dataiku fundraising, Preset Cloud GA,, OpenMetadata

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
3 min read
Me looking for WiFi in the middle of nowhere (credits: me)

Hi, it's late Data News. I did forget you last Friday because I was lost between trees without electricity and internet. But here I am, and I'll give to you a glimpse of last week articles.

Data fundraising 💰 and Preset Cloud GA

Modern Data Stack comparators

You want to start your data platform or you want to find all available tools before doing a benchmark to add new features to your platforms? The 2 following links will help you.

Datafold compared multiple categories: collection, warehousing, transformation, cataloging and analysis. This is not exhaustive but they started a good job comparing the communities behind each open-source tool, giving also key insights on each.

On the other side is finally available. The tool is giving us a more exhaustive list of the whole data landscape: categories, companies, influencers and also a list of useful resources to start your journey.

To finish this category Tech Ninja wrote a small comparison between Feature Store technologies. If you want to compare Feast, Hopsworks, iguazio, bytehub and QuintoAndar this is for you.

A data engineer comparing Data tools (credits)

Modern Data Experience

Benn — I really like his views — wrote about what he called Modern Data Experience. He gave us principles that should help us define standards between modern data tools. Benn also share a lot of links to help your understanding of the field.

Announcing OpenMetadata

Suresh Srinivas, founder of Hortonworks and ex-VP engineering, announced OpenMetadata initiative to create an open standard for Metadata with a centralized store. The goal is to improve discovery and collaboration.

dbt Cloud — DAGs in the IDE

dbt Cloud team released a new feature where you can see your full dbt DAG directly in the development IDE in your browser. I would love to see this kind of feature inside my PyCharm (or VSCode) in the future.

Passing the Google Cloud professional Data Engineer exam

If you are an aspiring Google Cloud certification student, Chenming Yong wrote a Medium post about his own journey getting certified. It's worth checking out if you want to get certified too.

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Fast News delivery — because I'm too late (credits)

Fast News

See you on Friday 🥰.

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