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How to build a data team

This article will give you a list of the top resources to follow when building a data team.

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
2 min read
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And it's a team... (credits)

Hey, new Friday and special Data News this week. This week has been pretty packed in term of work for me so here a joker as a weekly newsletter. This is a compilation of great resources about building a data team.

This is a collection I've created when working on a talk called "How to build a data dream team" that I've made last year. All the articles are different and give a large spectrum of perspectives about creating a data team.

In my experience, building a data team is a mixture of everything, there's no single recipe, but for it to work, you need to adapt the technology you choose to the people you have. These days, it's very easy to technically build a data platform, but building a data team goes further than that, it's about processes, communication and prioritization, how to build trust with stakeholders, etc.

10 great resources to build a data team

Sorry about this intermittence in my Data News, I promise next week I'll be back ❤️.

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