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Data News — Week 18

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari
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Hi everyone, first post regarding news digest. This week is focused on data detection tools.


csv-detective is a lightweight open-source tool doing type inferences. Worth using it if you want to detect stuff around french address system.

CSV inspection. Contribute to etalab/csv-detective development by creating an account on GitHub.


I didn't know before pandas profiling. The project has 7k stars on GitHub and in the future I'll use it on all my dataset. It generates a HTML UI describing everything you have

Create HTML profiling reports from pandas DataFrame objects - pandas-profiling/pandas-profiling

Data cleaning principles

A small talk from the csv,conf,v6 where Karl Broman explains his data cleaning framework. 20 points worth checking.

Data cleaning principles

Data quality - rethink previsualisation

(Sorry for the french). Here the french administration tried to rethink how to visualise the data on the french open-data platform.

Qualité des données : repenser la prévisualisation des données -
D’avril à juin c’est le printemps de : chaque semaine nous partageons nos réflexions, des annonces concrètes ou encore des événements et quelques surprises !

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