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I talked to DataGen podcast

In 2022 I talked in DataGen podcast about the newsletter curation process and why Data Engineering is so cool.

Christophe Blefari
Christophe Blefari

🎙 A few week ago I did my first podcast with Robin. We talked about data engineering and everything around doing a weekly curation.

This is the first episode of Robin's podcast in English and you should follow him because more are coming!

In the podcast we talked about
🔥 My journey before launching the newsletter
🔥 Why and how I write
🔥 My main challenges as a Data Engineer
🔥 My favorite contents
🔥 What I like about data
🔥 A few tips for Data folks

You can listen the podcast on all the platforms:

otherdata engineering

Data Explorer

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Christophe Blefari

Senior Data Engineer. I like 🚲, 🪴 and 🎮. I can do everything with data, just ask.


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